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In the public domain files are FREE available for download: music, song lyrics, flyers, announcements, etc. Having trouble with extracting password protected ZIP files? Please read this!

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Song lyrics from released Gashunters material are free available in what we call 'lyrics booklets'. Per album/single the lyrics are converted to an electronic (PDF) document.

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* * *  GASHUNTERS MUSIC  * * *

is available at all relevant music providers

(e.g. Spotify, Apple Music / iTunes, Tidal, Google Play, Amazon Music.)

and is also recognizable from Shazam and airplayed on radio stations world wide :)

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Promotion material, like flyers, announcements, etc.

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(C) 2001-2017 Twoomusic. All rights reserved! Music and lyrics are protected by copyright. All material can be used for personal evaluation, but commercial use or distribution without prior permission from copyright owner is prohibited.

The information in this section is particularly meant for future participants. In a collaboration with Twoomusic/Gashunters you automatically agree to some terms and conditions. Preceding practical steps a personal contract will be agreed between both parties. 

For the time being only in Dutch there's also a general document about collaboration and home recording.

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In this mysterious sector you could find miscellaneous files (or not): short fragments ('snippets') from upcoming Gashunters music, backstage views from work in progress or tape music for auditions.