"A studio project, a one-man-band, producing prog pop from the lowlands", that's Gashunters in a nutshell. A 2nd millennium singer/songwriter, writing and producing songs about small and global worlds, quite indie doing it all. Operating in quite a music niche, an idiosyncratic mix of rock and (power) pop and sparkles from prog, jazz and latin. Less to no epic suites or skill exhibits for Gashunters, more melodic pop/rock songs. Gashunters officially released 7 albums and 7 singles (March 2018) under the personal, independent label Twoomusic on music provider CD Baby.

The Real Indie

Was the creative process already quite an indie statement, the next steps in management, design, marketing, promotion and distribution are also fitting the 100% independent music business model. Gashunters is the real indie indeed ...

Being a studio project live events are no part of the plan. For now you can support Gashunters in different ways:

And what about the band name? Besides being an anagram for pivot Hans Geurts the name Gashunters refers to a constant hunt for gas, figuratively speaking: great fragrances and nasty smells - in love and relations, in society, in the world - are being transformed into music and lyrics with its own and recognizable identity.

Main goal is to drop a musical legacy in global space: spreading the Gashunters music and words worldwide, through online providers and radio stations.


Songwriter, multi instrumentalist and global citizen Hans Geurts, born and raised in Horst (1956, NL), is creactive in music since decades. He wrote his first songs at the age of 12, was rather successful in Dutch bands ‘Argus’ and ‘The Reverbs’ in the mid 70’s and early 80’s. In the nineties he composed music for theatre and business.

In 2001 Twoomusic was introduced as a trade name for all musical activities (studio, label, distribution, etc.) in his company. Twoomusic is also the name for a songwriters collaboration with lyricist Astrid Rhemrev. Hans also irregularly hit the stage in jam sessions and several blues/rock bands, but his intrinsic alternative heart and mind were never satisfied.

There was only one way to meet with his instinct: in the Spring of 2013 Hans started his own studio project Gashunters! Prog pop from the lowlands: melodic pop/rock with proggy edges.

All music is distributed via CD Baby, Youtube and all relevant online music providers world wide. Quite some compositions are not really fit for Gashunters and are available to others. Contact Twoomusic if you're interested.

Musical painter - The term composer is too tight, too classical and too pigeonholing. Creating music is his thing, in instrumentals and songs with lyrics of his own or from other writers. Always fully engaged trying to answer the question 'why'. As an individual in society and as a musician. In the mid 90's he introduced the word audioalisation as the perfect term for painting music. The term Genius is leading in his musical life. Genius does not refer to over-intelligence, it's more a creating mind on a quest. There's even some compulsivity in the desire to create. Questions and answers, translated into songs and instrumentals. Out of the box. His music is divergent but also has recognizable characteristics: The Twoo groove :) An educated guess indicates over 400 titles and 20 hours in the musical bag. Most of this is not released officially. Yet ... for the legacy is still growing :)

Influences - Gashunters music is authentic progpop alright. Of course there are influences, but in no way its'a direct copy! Although preferences in all styles there's a favourite: the alternative and symfo/progressive way. Call it progrock if you please. All-time favourite is Gentle Giant, together with Peter Gabriel. Genesis (PG era) and Porcupine Tree are also on the top of the list. What's more on it: Ry Cooder, Sting, Tool, Muse, Foo Fighters, Triggerfinger, Kate Bush, Supertramp, Los Lobos, Nick Cave, Elvis Costello, dEUS, Crusaders, Pain of Salvation, Dream Theater, Masters of Reality, Spocks Beard, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Arctic Monkeys, Incubus, XTC, QOSA, Jazzanova, etc.

Musician - Hans is a (rather piano hammering) keyboardist and plays several other instruments. Furthermore he's quite handy in sample programming, basically drums and sometimes guitars. As a vocalist he takes care of all lead and backing vocals in Gashunters. Well, except for ad hoc participations from musicians and vocalists he does all the creative work himself :)

The Real Indie - Through a lot of knowledge and experience built over some decades of music and business Hans has turned into a real indie. Being creative in music does not stop him to be active in the home studio (from recording to mixing and mastering) and in organizational disciplines like management, ICT/internet, marketing and distribution.


Dani Rogosic on guitars

My friend Dani Rogosic is an ad hoc and extremely creative participant on guitars. With the addition of this local hybrid of Satriani and Vai some extra guitar value can be added to the Gashunters material: featuring Dani Rogosic.

More info about Dani can be found on his own website: www.rogosic.com.

  • 2020: album In Search Of Genius  (link)
  • 2016: album P I G H (May) (link)
  • 2015: single Shake it off (March)


Joycez on vocals

Singer Joyce Meeuwissen was a Twoomusic partner from the very beginning. First vocal recordings for the In Search Of Genius project date from 2001. Her stage name is Joycez , but she doesn't  exploit her vocal expertise to the max. She's very down to earth and  living a quiet personal life. However, her voice is absolutely stunning! As you can judge for yourself on the 2020 version of In Search Of Genius!

  • 2020: album In Search Of Genius (February) (link)


Papa Yabo on guitars and backing vocals

My friend Martijn Hover is an ad hoc participant on guitars and backing vocals. Martijn, in musical terms aka Papa Yabo, is a huge Captain Beefheart fan and loves the rough side of rock & blues as wel as all kinds of world music.

Papa Yabo releases his own music (find it on Youtube). Communicate with him on Facebook.

  • 2018: album Denim Avenue (January) (link)