From the start Gashunters is a one-man-band or better one-man-studio-project. On a parallel track some collaborations are started. The Gashunters evolution continues ...

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In Search Of Genius (work in progress)

Dani Rogosic participates on guitars in the project In Search Of Genius. Credits will be updated during progress.

Single 'Mellow Inside'

Released October 2014. 

Single 'Up Down Free'

Released September 2014. 

Single 'Frankenstorm Freak'

An international collaboration between a US lyricist and two Dutch musicians. It started in September 2013 and ended with the single release in January 2014. 

The complete Gashunters debut trilogy (see Discography)

The production of these 3 albums was a 100% DIY project by Hans Geurts. In the end 3 albums with more than 2 hours of original music were released between May 2013 and April 2014.

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